The Zeiss EVO LS10 is a variable pressure scanning electron microscope (VP-SEM), commonly called an Environmental SEM. It is located in the biolithography bay of the Cleanroom. Capable of 6nm resolution in high vacuum mode and 1-30kV, the EVO produces acceptable high resolution images of traditional SEM samples, but really shines in the analysis of nonconductive, hydrated, oversize, or otherwise unusual samples. In extended pressure mode, imaging can be done at set pressures up to 3000 Pa. If used in conjunction with the Deben CoolStage II, biological and other wet samples may be imaged using the variable pressure secondary electro (VPSE) or backscatter detectors. Elemental analysis using the Oxford Inca EDX can be done in all modes. Available detectors include dual secondary electron detectors (high vacuum and variable pressure), retractable backscatter detector, and Oxford Inca EDX detector for elemental determination.